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1. Wax Injection

Make die. Inject wax by Injection press into the die and get wax pattern, is a copy of finish product.

2. Assembly

This wax pattern is assemble with wax sprue and make wax assembled tree.

3. Shell Building

For ceramic coating on this tree, assembled tree deep into liquid slurry.

4. Stucco

By doing above process 5 to 6 times, we can get ceramic shell cluster.

5. Coating

By doing above process 5 to 6 times, we can get ceramic shell cluster. .

6. De - Auto clave

After total drying of ceramic shell cluster, remove inside wax by heating is called dewaxing.It creat cavity inside shell.

7. Shell Baking

After dewaxing shell put in shell beaking furnace and preheat it.

8. Melting

Same time prepare liquid metal and pour metal in pracheated shell.

9. Shell Removal

After cooling of metal, shell put on vibrating knock-off and remove ceramic coating.

10. Cutting

Cutting casting from tree.

11. Fetling

Then grind metal feeder of casting, finish it and total ceramic coating remove by blasting and chemical process done on inside & outside surface.

12. Casting Inspection

After complete finishing of casting, it goes for visual and dimentional inspection.


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